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LAST UPDATED: 8th August 2017- Commissions are currently closed! (Need a break!)
If you would like to get in the queue for when they re-open, send me an e-mail (kate at tea-bug.com) - commissions & requests are still available via my Patreon in the meantime!


I've tried to make my commission info as clear as possible - but I am always open to give quotes or answer questions if you don't see what you are looking for/don't understand something :)


Please note that the prices listed below are for private/personal commissions only.
For commercial work please contact me at kate@tea-bug.com with your needs.



⇢ All my work is made using a mix of traditional media - including markers, watercolours, inks, pencil crayons, acrylic paint, chalks , gel ink pens... & sometimes glitter ¸.·*

⇢ For ALL commission options you will receive a high quality 300dpi scan. You can also receive the original artwork in the post for the cost of postage to your address from the UK.

⇢ PLEASE make sure to read the information at the bottom of this page before requesting - thank you! (Where it says 'THE IMPORTANT STUFF')

⇢ Installment pricing is available for commissions of total price £40+. Please see info at the bottom for more details.


⇢ All commission prices listed include a standard flat colour background applied to the 300dpi scanned artwork. I can also add one to the actual work by coloured card or tea staining, I will discuss with you what you would like at the time.

⇢ If you would like an illustrated background please refer to the add on prices on the price sheet.


More info & Examples below!


Here are some examples for the commission types listed above - if there's a certain style in my gallery you'd like your commission to be in just let me know!

⇢ If you see a picture in my gallery that you would like something similar to, but aren't sure what it would be priced as just ask!
⇢ Chibi/Cartoon:

⇢ Bust: 

⇢ Waist Up:

⇢ Full Body:

⇢ Other Options:

For complicated scenes containing interaction of more than 3 characters, specific, detailed backgrounds or comic strips please get in touch via private message or e-mail kate@tea-bug.com for a quote.

⇢ Other special commission options/prices not listed here are available from time to time - please follow my DeviantART/tumblr/facebook for announcements!



✔ I am happy to draw:
+ original/fan characters/RPG characters/yourself or friends in any of my styles

+ fantasy, sci fi, anthro, horror/macabre, fashion/costume
+ manga/comic/cartoon style as displayed in my gallery
+ non-human characters as long as they have humanoid form
+ sexy times! (eg: sensual/pin up poses)
+ nudity (adult characters only)
+ Fan art. Bearing in mind it will be in my style. Fan characters are welcome : )

× I'm not going to draw:
- porny times
- mecha (unless its a mecha arm or something, that's ok)
- anything outside of my style/work featured in my gallery, eg: realistic portraits of people or animals.

If in any doubt please contact me - I am happy to answer any questions!


Depending on the size of the commission, an how promptly e-mails/notes are responded to when confirming sketches etc the finished commission should take around 2 weeks to complete. Please let me know if you need it for a certain date and I'll see what I can do!

Once we've determined a price and details of the commission, I will send you sketches. Once you've approved a final sketch I will move on to inking & colouring.



Payment is by PayPal - once a price is agreed I will invoice you via PayPal in GBP (Pounds), payment must be made before work starts.

Payment installments are available for those who need them for commissions totaling over £40. I can divide commissions into 2, 3 or 4 installments. I will invoice you via PayPal for each amount & you will will receive work up until what you have paid for.


TERMS & CONDITIONS (including use of commissioned artwork):

• I reserve the right to refuse or cancel commissions due to inappropriate behavior/requests. Should I cancel or you need to cancel you will be refunded minus the work already done. To do this I will split the total price we had agreed upon into 4 installments (sketch, final sketch, inks, colours.)
The prices listed above are for personal use only. As in to hang on your wall, use on your personal website, or gift for a friend. Artwork is not to be used to commercial or promotional purposes, on product packaging, shop logo, business website, book or comic cover or otherwise without my express written permission. If you require artwork for these purposes please get in touch!
• By commissioning me you agree that I, the artist, retain all rights to my artwork including displaying the artwork on DA & other online galleries, sharing on social media and for promoting my commission services. I agree I will not sell any prints or merchandise etc featuring your commissioned artwork, fan characters or original characters.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me via social media or kate@tea-bug.com

Etsy Feedback: http://www.etsy.com/uk/your/shops/theteabug/reviews


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