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KEH (Kate Hayward)

》Artist, tea drinker, daydreamer.
Cambridge, UK - 80's child. 

I am a self-taught artist. I use traditional media - mostly markers - to create original illustrations, cartoons & comics inspired by nature, fashion, sci-fi, fantasy & horror.

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I first become interested in creating my own artwork at the age of thirteen, when I was on a massive computer games & comics kick. I then got into Japanese animation and comics, which has continued to influence my work ever since. These days I draw inspiration from animation, comics, movies, art nouveau, photography, fashion, nature, sci-fi, fantasy & horror.

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I mostly work with fineline pens and markers, with effects added with gel ink pens, pencil crayons, watercolours & other media - and often a few little tweaks in photoshop!
I used to do a lot of colouring and even linework in photoshop, however I now almost exclusively work with traditional media.

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I am absolutely flattered that people might like to use my artwork! However, please do not use it for anything without written permission from me first. I take commissions, so why not request a piece exclusively for yourself?

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I have worked on the following sketch/trading card sets for 5FINITY: Manga Mandy, Galaxgals Eradication, March of Dimes charity cards 2011, Lady Death - Hack/Slash: Revenant Retribution War, Shi, Josie & the Pussycats, Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies (AEs only), March of Dimes charity cards 2012. If you're a collector I may have some blanks/AEs/returns for the above sets for sale - please contact me!


• WORK IN PRINT / Published Online
Illustrations & comics by me have appeared in:

  • The Tea Book (UK artists book) (illustration) - There may be some copies floating around at UK conventions!


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