Sketch Requests | 05th July 2017

Here are the results of this weeks public sketch requests from various social media!
(Clockwise from top left)
 01 - Team Rocket! (I drew them totally from memory - I used to draw them all the time - & in some kinda cartoon style which is why they might not look right ^^; )
02 - "Watermelon" not so much a request as a nice theme for summer.
03 - “AT-AT Drunk on Port” - Go home, you are drunk.
04 - “Cat Ballerina” - This is actually my favourite from this week’s requests - I may have to make it into a full illustration!

All these were done with biro + Photoshop
You can find them all posted separately on my tumblr.
More requests open next Wednesday on Patreon, tumblr, instagram & my FB Page.


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