Patreon Announcement!

I am excited to announce that I have launched my Patreon Campaign!

★ Everyone who pledges from $3 tier up this first month (July) will receive a special thank you inked request sketch by e-mail once their payment clears in August! (This on top of your other rewards!) ★

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for you to support artists and creators you love while allowing them to get paid for their creations, connect with people who love their work & offer them exclusive rewards as thanks!

What do you get? 
There are several different subscription tiers to choose from, starting from only $1 per month.
All $3+ tier subscribers get access to my Patreon members ONLY feed, which (as well as my social media posts all in one place, such as #fanartfriday & #sketchbooksunday) includes awesome things like works in progress, step by step artwork photos exclusive to Patreon, sketchbook snippits, behind the scenes stuff, discounts & exclusive commission offers, access to a (limited slot, request almost anything) weekly sketch request & more!

Depending on the reward tier you choose, you can also get monthly downloadable colouring line art, artwork 'how to's, a monthly sketchbook .pdf including character designs & world building work for comic projects, early access to comic pages* & exclusive sketch requests & artwork just for you!

For example, a couple of July's rewards:

Colouring lineart is available to all $5+ rewards tiers - this will be e-mailed to you after pledge payments clear on (or around) August 1st.

 Artwork walk-throughs are one of the rewards available to all $3+ tiers.



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