Diary Comic | 35th

Last weekend I got older. I can adult when I want/need to, but on a basic level nothing has changed : )
5 - during a brief 3 years living in the USA - I have vivid memories of the morning cartoon lineup including She-Ra & Thundercats :D
15 - Pretty much stayed in my room at my parents house ~
25 - Shared house in Nottingham
25 - Living with partner (of almost 11 years!) in Cambridge : )

Things that have changed:
- Taller.
- Artwork has improved.
- Upgraded art materials.
- MUCH more discerning about which cartoons & comics I invest in.
- Can buy OWN comics & related toys XD
- Streaming anime? What is this magic?!
- I was embarrassed about 'still being into' animation & comics at 15, (but I got into anime/manga at 13, which kinda helped)
- At 25+ not embarrassed about what you're into, because found my tribe
- At 35 you couldn't give a damn about what people think about what you're into! I DO WHAT I WANT \o/

More diary comics can be found at monstermovie.tumblr.com


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