Sketch Requests - May 24th 2017

Sketch requests from tumblr, instagram + facebook, - Flower Crown edition!
(Left - Right from top left) 
  1.  Two hedgehogs cuddling to keep each other warm
  2. A Crystal Gem - I choose Rose Quartz because I hadn’t drawn her before - I should draw her more because she is wonderful  to draw! 
  3. Kakyoin Noriaki from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
  4. A flamingo with drink, sunglasses + Hawaiian shirt
  5. A T-Rex trying to remove his flower crown but being unable to reach :D
  6. Spiderman
  7. A bulldog puppy 
You can find some of these posted separately for reblogging at tumblr under the 'sketch requests' tag here.

Sketch requests happen most Wednesdays, however I am taking a break from requests due to upcoming cons & having too much to catch up with - they will start up again July 5th!



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